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Residential Managed IT Services

Residential Managed Services

With so many electronic devices now being used in the average household, sometimes it feels like our homes have been transported to a whole other world. From the laptops and tablets to the smart phones and the multi-functions of a television, IT specialists are now not just a requirement of the commercial environment. Residential managed technology services are now becoming more popular as demand for professional solutions grows.

What do you have in your household?

Let’s look at what you might have in your household. First there’s the family computer. No doubt a desktop in the study or other communal area that everyone has access to. It’s used to sync all the other devices in the house and back up everyone’s iTunes library and family photos. Then there are probably a couple of laptops, used for homework or work solutions. That’s before you even consider the mobile devices and tablets. In some families, there can be as many as 4 phones and 2 tablets, possibly more. With the evolution of technology, even the television is connected to the network and used to access the internet.
There are so many reasons that you might need residential managed services. Let’s take a look at the benefits of having the services of remote IT specialists to manage your home network.


With so many devices all having access to the internet, security is a major consideration. Making sure that everyone can access the internet over a secure connection is paramount, especially when so many critical devices are involved. The security of all of your devices can be managed as part of a bundled agreement ensuring that you never get any infected technology.

Data backup & cloud services

What happens to the hundreds of photos or the library of music on your phone if something goes wrong? How do you ensure that all of your family’s data doesn’t get wiped out if someone drops something down the toilet or in a bowl of water? What if the computer suddenly decides enough is enough and gives up the ghost? What happens to all of your precious memories? Well with data back up and cloud services we can make sure that you never lose anything!

Remote support

Obviously, you don’t want to wait for someone to come to the house every time you have a technical issue or question. That is why we provide remote access to ensure that there is someone always available when you need it. We can remotely manage the security and updates of all of your devices from one place and under one agreement.


Just like other home equipment, your electronic devices will need maintenance and repairs from time to time. Having a regular maintenance agreement will ensure that you are always getting the best out of your equipment and that the life of your devices is longer!

Support and advice

Whether its support for your new device or advice about upgrading your device, our technology experts are on hand to help you. Of course, we understand that every household is different and that requirements will vary. Simply tell us what you need and we will work with you to devise a bespoke solution for you.

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