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Operation system install and upgrade

Often referred to as OS, an operating system is what manages your computer. It is as important as the heart or brains of a human in that without it a computer cannot function. Its function is to ensure that your computer’s hardware and software work correctly together to ensure that you get the best possible user experience. If there is a problem with your operating system then you will find that your computer doesn’t function properly if at all.
Now you may be aware (especially if you are an Apple user) that there are regular updates and versions of operating systems. Apple are forever updating their iOS and Windows often release updates as well. In fact there are 3 main operating systems for personal computers which are -

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

How do you know which you should be using and if you have the right version on your computer or laptop?
At DeepBlue Computers we can install, reinstall or upgrade your computer’s operating system to improve and optimise the performance of your machine. Our job starts with a recommendation of the best OS for you. This will depend on your particular computer or laptop, what you use it for and the kind of technology you are using.  
An operating system update isn’t a huge procedure in itself but we will ensure beforehand that any data is backed up ready to be re-installed once the upgrade of the operating system is complete. It takes anywhere form 30 minutes to an hour to install a new OS but then you need to allow time for the data back up and transfer either side of the installation.

Installation process of a new operating system

  • Decide on the best operating system for you
  • Back up all data on the computer
  • Install the new operating system
  • Make sure everything is in working order
  • Carry out a data transfer to put back all of the data that was backed up prior to the installation

Now you may be under the impression that you have to stick with the operating system that was pre-loaded onto your computer when you bought it but this isn’t the case and is where we can help. We can install a different operating system if we feel that it will enhance the performance of your computer and you don’t have to stick to what came with it.
To discuss your requirements and the best operating system for you call us for more information.

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