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Network setup and maintenance, Wifi setup

WiFi network set up

A home WiFi network allows multiple users within the household access to the internet through a secure, shared wireless connection.  By setting up a WiFi network you will be able to share files, photos, documents, music and share printers and other devices amongst the various computers and devices in the house.
DeepBlue Computers can offer the following WiFi network services -

  • Advise on the best location for the wireless router to ensure the best WiFi signal
  • Configure a named network for your family that everyone can recognise
  • Set up passwords that you can all remember and use
  • Make sure all devices including PC’s, laptops, smartphones and tablets are all configured to the network
  • Set up a printer to work wirelessly with all devices
  • Advise you on how to get the most out of your WiFi network
  • Help with any questions or issues you may have
  • Add new devices in the future

Network maintenance for home or business

If you have a network already set up we can provide a maintenance service for you to ensure that you are always online and you have no or little interruption to your service. If your internet should go down and you are unable to connect certain devices to the network or if you have no access at all then we will be able to provide support to help resolve the problem. You may find that the service is slower than usual and are unable to work out why – this is where our experience and expertise can help.
We can also protect your network from potential hackers that could access your system and cause issues making sure that your network is secure and your business can operate without risk.
If you start to add even more devices in the future you may need to upgrade your current operation – we can help provide exactly what you need to carry on operating at the same speed and capacity.
Whether it’s the set-up of a wireless home or business network or to provide support and assistance ongoing then talk to us about a tailored plan to ensure that you are always online and experience the best possible service and connection. We will come to your home or business premises for your convenience and carry out the work effectively and efficiently. 

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