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Data transfer and backup

There are two things to consider when it comes to data transfer. Firstly is the back up of your data. Many people don’t consider this when they start a business – before you know it you have a hard drive full of data that exists only on one particular computer. But what happens if something happens to your computer or laptop that puts the computer at risk? It’s a lot easier to back up your data than it is to recover it although at DeepBlue Computers we can help you both.
If you run a business or even if you just have a home PC or Mac you should consider a backup of all of your current data. If you are building a business at some point in the future you may need to make your files and folders accessible to other members of your organisation. You may need to make them available to multiple computers. If you decide to upgrade your machine and need to ensure that everything on your current machine is available on your new machine then you will need to have all the data transferred.
First of all let’s consider why data back up and data transfer is useful to businesses

  • Enables multiple users to access the information if it is available in more than one place
  • Allows new users to access information
  • If there is ever a need for disaster recovery having the data backed up means that it is safe
  • If your machine breaks it is easier to have the data backed up and transferred to a new machine
  • If you want to access data both from your phone and your computer
  • Saves time in the event that something breaks

If you have a broken laptop or computer and you need the data recovered we can arrange this and arrange for it to be transferred to a new location. It is definitely worth arranging data transfer before any issues arise though so if you haven’t got your data backed up now is the time to start.
We can come to your local business and carry out the data back up and data transfer. Even if at this stage you don’t require a data transfer it is highly advisable to have your data backed up. At least then if you do encounter issues in the future you have the data available. If you create new files and folders regularly speak to us about a regular data transfer and back up procedure to ensure that everything is always up to date.
Whatever your requirements we can tailor a service that is suitable to your business and its needs.

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