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Computer hard drive data recovery, deleted files recovery

If your computer or laptop suddenly crashes or suffers a drop or water damage your first thought might be to the data stored on your computer and if you have lost some or all of it. If you can’t switch your computer on you may be worried that all your work has been lost. You may have been working on an important project or you may have lots of data stored that obviously you would like to save.
If your computer hasn’t incurred any obvious issue but you are still experiencing issues it could be that the hard disk has suffered some sort of failure in which case further use of the machine may result in you causing further damage and overwriting files. You need to stop using the machine before you put any more of your data at risk. When a problem occurs with a computer or laptop it is important to ensure the safe data recovery of any files and folders that are important.
The first thing you need to do is seek expert help and advice. Do not continue to use the computer. At DeepBlue Computers we are data recovery specialists and we advise you to get the computer or laptop looked at as a matter of urgency. We will assess the issue and then use our expert knowledge and experience to recover the hard drive along with any deleted files and data. Our computer data recovery service will mean that although you may need a new laptop or computer you will at least have everything or most of the data that was stored on it before it developed an issue.
If you are tempted to continue to use the laptop or computer we would urge you to consider the following before continuing to use the device.

  • Is the computer making a noise that it doesn’t usually?
  • Are files and folders disappearing from the PC?
  • Has your drive disappeared from Windows Explorer?
  • Is there a risk of fire or overheating – can you smell burning?
  • Has your computer or laptop sustained any damage from being dropped or has anything been spilt on it?

If you have any of the above issues then do not continue to use it. Please get in touch with us and we will arrange to carry out a hard drive recovery for you and advise you on how you back up your data going forward.

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