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Computer optimization and tuneup

Over time computers can get full of old files and folders that you no longer use or need. They can be subjected to viruses and malware and generally become clogged up and defragmented. These things can all lead to your computer slowing down and becoming sluggish and unresponsive.
Once your PC stops performing at its optimum level it can make even the simplest tasks like opening and closing documents time consuming and lengthy – not to mention trying to download software or media. It’s not just computers that have been in use for a while either. When you buy a new computer it often comes with unnecessary software known as bloatware that is pre-installed and is more than capable of slowing down your PC.
Once you start experiencing problems with your computer it is time for a computer tune up which will involve the following steps:

  • Clean up unused files and folders
  • Remove any bloatware (pre-installed software)
  • Increase the RAM
  • Update the operating system
  • Remove Spyware and pop ups
  • Disk clean up
  • Defragmentation
  • Cleaning power and fan units that can get clogged up with dust

Cleaning up computer files and folders

This process involves deleting any files and folders that are no longer in use and that are just sat taking up valuable memory on your pc. Once all the junk files, installation and left over files are removed the performance will be a little better but there are even more steps involved in a PC tune up. Next the computer is defragmented to make sure that all file data is grouped together making it easier for your device to read the information.

Increase the RAM

RAM or Random Access Memory can also be increased to ensure that your computer can cope with the demands that you are placing on it. This involves finding the already installed RAM and replacing it with a version that has more capacity. 

Updating the operating system and protecting your computer

Other methods to improve your computer’s optimization include updating the operating system and installing anti-spyware. Nothing can slow a computer down like a virus or other malware that gets into your system. Many people don’t like to pay for virus protection when they buy a new PC and they don’t understand the risks to their hardware. This leaves the PC vulnerable to anything that may be inadvertently download.

Cleaning the actual device

As well as cleaning up the computer in terms of removing unwanted files, folders, spyware and improving the memory the machine can actually become clogged up with dust. We can physically clean the machine to remove any dust and ensure that it performs better.

Get help from computer specialists

If you want to optimise your computer’s performance then we can help. Our professional team here at DeepBlue Computers will carry out a thorough PC tune up and return your machine in optimal working order.

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