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Computer hardware upgrades

Enhancing the performance of your computer or laptop doesn’t always mean you have to go out and buy a new, upgraded model. In fact there are many things that can be done to improve the hardware of your existing computer to deliver a better, faster experience.
At DeepBlue Computers we can do everything from installing a bigger memory to a whole new processor. By installing or replacing certain components of the machine you can upgrade your computer at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. These are some of the components that can be added or upgraded to increase the performance and speed of your computer -

  • Increasing RAM
  • New hard drive
  • Graphics card
  • Replace CPU

Increase the RAM and replace the hard drive

If you only use your laptop or computer for small word documents and excel spreadsheets you will probably not need much unless you are someone who likes to have several programmes open at once and expect all of them to be operating at maximum speed. However if you use your machine to edit videos, download movies and other large files then you will no doubt benefit from increasing the RAM on your machine and adding a new hard drive. Increasing the RAM to 4GB or 8GB can cost as little as $50 and will make your machine faster and give your greater capacity to store larger files.

Replace the graphics card

If you use your computer for gaming then you will benefit from a graphics card. The graphics card is what allows you to run games and other programmes that are graphic intensive. Consider replacing the existing graphics card.

Replace the processor

Replacing the CPU, or processor as you may know it, will improve the performance of your computer or laptop and again can be done at a lower cost than most PC’s or laptops cost. You may want to consider this if your machine is used for multi-tasking.
If you are insure as to whether or not any of the above would benefit you we will be only too happy to consult with you, take a look at your laptop or computer and advise you on the best computer hardware upgrades. Of course any advice that we give will depend on what you use your computer for so we will need to discuss exactly what it is that you need before we can offer our expert opinion. Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements?

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