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Business Managed IT Services

Business Managed IT Services

IT support is integral to the functionality of many businesses. From computers to mobile devices and the networks that they operate on, without it many businesses cannot function day to day. Where once businesses may have employed a dedicated IT specialist, more recently they have turned to outsourcing to provide this service. Advancements in technology mean that the core elements of a managed service, can now be provided remotely, by IT specialists that can offer everything you need in one place.

The core functions of a good IT managed service

Of course, no two businesses are the same and everyone’s requirements will be different. From the number of computers on the network, to the amount of cloud storage that your business needs, there will be many elements to consider. Our commercial managed services packages are bespoke and designed to meet the needs of your business and contain the following:


Client data, confidential records, staff records and all of the other sensitive data that you need to store needs to be treated with the utmost care. You cannot afford to have a system that is vulnerable to hackers or that is at threat of viruses. We will set up security systems for your network and all of the devices using the network to ensure that everything is secure.

Data backup

Of course, with so much sensitive data, critical files, documents, presentations and all the other data that your business will have stored, you need to ensure that it is safe. What would happen if you ever lost all of your data because of a server malfunction or losing a hard drive? A good data backup solution can be provided by our specialists who will be able to advise you of the solution that best suits you.

Cloud services for business

Storing everything to the cloud will mean that you will never lose another document. As long as it is stored in the cloud both you, and anyone else in your business that needs to use it, will be able to access it with the strongest of security encryption.

Remote support

Having a remote IT managed service support means that everything you need can be accessed whenever you need it. No longer do you need an IT specialist on site. All of your networks and devices can be managed securely and remotely. Any issues or requirements can be dealt with effectively and efficiently.


Like any electronic equipment, regular maintenance and servicing will mean that your hardware is in optimal condition and will inevitably last longer. As part of your managed services package we include a maintenance contract for all of the equipment that your business uses.

Support and advice when you need it!

When something goes wrong, or you have a question about an element of your IT equipment, help is at hand. Simply get in touch with us and we will have all the answers you need to keep your business running effectively and smoothly. We understand the importance of continuity and will work hard on your behalf to make sure everything is performing as it should be.

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