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Microsoft launches new Cache app

Microsoft is releasing a new app, Cache, which is being described as “an internet clipboard for everything”. The app, which is yet to receive a full release, is a new development from the Microsoft Garage team. Microsoft Garage is an internal development accelerator working on an array of apps and features. The Cache project features a UWP app as well as a mobile companion app. The app has been designed to make life easier for those storing and transferring content between devices. The app is set to support Windows 10 and iOS but it’s thought that Android and Windows 10 Mobile may be included at a later date.

Features of Cache

Cache enables users to drag snippets, files, images, notes about everything from computer repair work that needs to be carried out to important calendar events, pages and URLs into the app so they can be retrieved immediately on an iPhone. It has been described as a fusion of OneClip and OneDrive. Some leading sources suggest that Microsoft will be bringing universal clipboard functionality to Redstone next year. Microsoft has been unveiling a number of apps for its own platforms as well as iOS and Android over recent years. OneClip was never officially launched, but its thought that it may have eventually evolved into Cache. However, unlike OneClip, Cache is independent of Microsoft Office and has more features as well as an improved interface. It is able to remember the source of clipped content and users can organise contents by dates or their own criteria.

Could Cache come to Android?

There is no news on when Cache might become available for Android, but experts say Microsoft could be missing out on big opportunities by refusing to embrace the operating system. It’s predicted that Cache will be given a full release sooner rather than later, especially with its website already being active. The app is being seen as a competitor to Google Keep. The Cache website is currently available to those who have requested access. Garage is home to a host of apps that have the potential to be developed into full platforms. 

A valuable new tool?

Microsoft itself has described Cache as “a research project” designed to investigate the ways in which users manage and curate content. It is asking for feedback from users about how the service could be developed further. The company is also describing Cache as “a great place to quickly bookmark” important content. Software bloggers are suggesting that Cache would end up being a valuable part of the Microsoft canon if it is developed in the right way. The Microsoft team appear to be embracing owners of devices from various companies, with the sign-up page not mentioning Windows Phones but making reference to Windows PCs, iOS, Android and Macs.

Windows under fire?

In other news, the company has come under fire for collecting a vast amount of data from Windows 10 users. The company’s latest operating system has been criticised in a report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for using aggressive upgrade tactics, the lack of choice apparently given to users and privacy concerns. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has branded WhatsApp as the worst mobile app for privacy in the past and is now showing strong concern about the level of data Windows 10 is taking from its users, calling the amount of data “unprecedented”. This data includes information about locations, voice input, touch input, text input, program use and browsing habits. Those who use virtual assistant Cortana may be giving the company even more information about themselves.

Windows causing computer repair shop visits?

The EFF does admit that some users may find features such as Cortana useful but has criticised the company for not stopping computers talking to its servers. It says there is no way for non-business users to avoid sharing telemetry data with the company. The company launched its Windows 10 Anniversary Update a few weeks ago, with the update offering a range of new features and improvements. Some commentators are urging Microsoft to be more honest with its customer and give them more options when it comes to opt-outs. The company has also been urged to separate security updates from operating system upgrades. A large number of users have been met with viruses after downloading Windows 10 and been forced to take their machines to computer repair shops.


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